NFC Encoding
You can encode our NFC tags yourself or we can do it for you. Have a look at our NFC tag encoding pages for more info.
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White NFC Tags

Offering great value and available in a wide range of sizes, white NFC tags are a good choice where the tag is hidden from view or visual impact is less important.
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ID Printing
Many of our white NFC Tags can also be ID Printed to help with encoding identification. We can also print a simple black logo alongside any ID for quick and easy branding.

Which white NFC tag should I buy ?
Generally, the 38mm White tags provide the best scan distances across a range of applications. 38mm is certainly the size of white tag we'd recommend for smart posters. The smaller sizes are great for general or personal use or where you know the user can get closer - such as a brochure or asset tag. Of course, all our tags are tested to ensure good performance. For more information, check the relative scan distance using the RapidNFC ScanStrength rating under each product's information.

The NTAG203 NFC chip is our recommendation. The new NTAG213 has a slightly better scan distance but costs a little more. The Desfire and Ultralight C are specialist tags and we'd only recommend for very specific applications.

The economy white tags are unbelievable value and are just perfect for general testing where NTAG203 memory capacity isn't required.
One of our most popular products, a 29mm round white faced sticker with an NTAG203 chip. Available with plastic or paper top. Good value all round NFC tag for connection, identification and general NFC use.

10+ Price : £0.40 each
29x29mm square white paper faced sticker with an NTAG203 chip. Good value all round NFC tag for smart posters, identification and all round NFC use.

10+ Price : £0.40 £0.36 each
38mm round white film face stickers with NTAG203 chips. Ideal for smart posters and general NFC uses. Great performance.

10+ Price : £0.40 each
NTAG203 25mm round white plastic face stickers. Great for all general purpose hidden marketing, product packaging, brochures or similar closer proximity applications.

10+ Price : £0.40 each
NTAG203 MiniTrack 18mm x 36mm rectangle white film face stickers. Popular for asset marking where the clean face makes a good area for ID printing.

10+ Price : £0.40 each
Designed for asset tagging but suitable for any situation where small size is the priority. A high quality 'micro' sized 19mm x 19mm tag. Plastic face for water resistance and high durability.

10+ Price : £0.48 each
RapidNFC NTAG213 29mm round white NFC tag. High performance, ideal for hidden applications and all round NFC use. Includes the new NTAG213 NFC chip from NXP.

10+ Price : £0.42 each
New Product ! Our popular 29mm round white face sticker with the new NXP NTAG216 NFC chip. This is a high capacity tag ideally suited for vCard usage or where a larger amount of data is required to be stored.

10+ Price : £0.49 each
29mm round white paper face stickers with the Broadcom 'Topaz' 512 byte tag. This is an ideal tag for vCards or specific applications where the larger memory capacity is required.

10+ Price : £0.49 each
35mm x 30mm tamper proof NFC tag with an Ultralight NFC chip. Once in place this specially designed tag destructs when an attempt to remove it is made. Designed to stop tags being moved between objects or locations.

10+ Price : £0.94 each
A high quality 35mm x 35mm white face NFC tag with an Ultralight chip. Paper top face. Matt finish.
Specialist Desfire EV1 4k white film face sticker. Large memory capacity suitable for vCards and similar applications.

10+ Price : £2.25 each
A high performance 50 x 50mm white face tag with an ultralight chip. PET plastic top layer.

10+ Price : £0.45 each
Economy priced white face ultralight 38mm square stickers. Great for experimenting, testing and personal use.

10+ Price : £0.30 each
Economy priced white face ultralight 86x54mm 'card sized' rectangle stickers. Great for experimenting, testing and personal use.

10+ Price : £0.30 each
Economy priced white face 38mm square stickers with an Ultralight C NFC chip. Ideally suited for development of encryption specific applications using the Ultralight C chip.

10+ Price : £0.30 each
Economy priced white face 1k 35mm square stickers.

10+ Price : £0.75 each
This NFC tag is available with ID print options