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You can encode our NFC tags yourself or we can do it for you. Have a look at our NFC tag encoding pages for more info.
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RapidNFC deliver worldwide and we offer a variety of delivery options and prices.
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NFC Starter Packs

Perfect when you aren't sure where to start. Our carefully selected NFC starter packs are packed with products to suit all budgets. All packs are designed to work perfectly with all NFC enabled mobile phones.
The new Touch NFC Starter Pack is specially designed for use with mobile NFC applications and offers a more subtle design for your NFC tags. Contains a total of 8 touch 29 mm gloss finish NTAG213 stickers and 4 NTAG203 touch hang tags (with string). Colours - Light and dark gray.

£6.65 per pack
A great little starter pack with four PVC logo adhesive disc tags and two light grey hang tags. Together with a pack of twelve normal stickers so you can customise your tags.

£4.10 per pack
Our Task Launcher NFC pack is perfect for task launcher apps or anyone wanting a bit of colour ! Contains a total of 12 multi-coloured 29 mm gloss finish NTAG213 stickers with NFC logo and 6 NTAG203 hang tags with NFC logo - Blue, Red, Green, Black, White and Yellow.

£9.15 per pack
Get started with NFC with our 19 item Trial NFC starter pack. Includes a selection of white, clear, on-metal and printed stickers along with a wristband and hang tags. Save over 20%.

Recently Updated With New Products !

£14.95 per pack
Our Advanced 26 item NFC starter pack allows you to really get your feet wet !

Contains a total of 16 different products including plain stickers, printed stickers, on-metal stickers, hang tags, wristband, coaster along with an NFC pen and a keyfob.

Recently Updated With New Products !

£24.95 per pack
Our Ultimate NFC starter pack contains 34 different products - a total of 56 NFC items. It gives you everything you need to experiment and test NFC.

Includes plain, clear and printed NFC stickers, keyfobs, wristbands, hang tags, pens, disc tags, paper tickets, on-metal stickers, fridge magnets, cards and more.

Recently Updated With New Products !

£49.95 per pack
Our Industrial NFC starter pack is carefully designed for asset tracking and industrial applications. Each pack contains a total of 27 tags including disc tags, PVC cards, clear and white tags as well printed on-metal and standard tags.

£22.95 per pack
A sticker pack for those wanting to sample a selection of plain and printed NFC tag stickers. Contains nine different tag types and sizes - a total of 18 stickers.

£9.85 per pack
This pack is designed for NFC developers wanting to test the various NFC chips. Contains 16 NFC tags - 2 x Ultralight, 2 x Ultralight C, 2 x NTAG203, 2 x 1k, 2 x Broadcom Topaz 512, 2 x NTAG213, 2 x NTAG216, 2 x NTAG210.

£16.25 per pack
This NFC tag is available with ID print options
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