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High quality RapidNFC NTAG203 29mm round clear NFC stickers.High performance and slim construction, ideal for all hidden NFC applications.
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Leave Blank means that you can encode the tags yourself with whatever data that you choose.  More info > RapidNFC will encode your tags for you with the web address you provide below.  More info > RapidNFC will encode your tags for you with the text you provide below.  More info > RapidNFC will encode each tag uniquely with the data you provide on a spreadsheet either now or later.  More info >
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For example,
Locking :
Locking means that nobody can ever change the tag data
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Compatible With
These tags can be encoded and read by Windows 8 NFC phones.
These tags can be encoded and read by Android NFC phones.
These tags can be encoded and read by BlackBerry NFC phones.
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Product Information
These are high quality 29mm round NTAG203 clear stickers. Suitable for tagging, marketing and other applications.

One of our most popular products over the last year, these are now gradually being replaced with the new NTAG213 product. If you need a reliable, high quality tag for general purpose use then these now represent excellent value.
Technical Data
NFC Chip
NFC Tags contain NFC chips which have different memory capacities, properties and functions.
Which NFC Chip ? >
User Memory
144 bytes
This is the usable memory capacity of the NFC tag.
How much NFC memory do you need ? >
Tag Construction
Clear Sticker
NFC Tags are constructed using different techniques. NFC Tag Formats >
Antenna Size
25mm Diameter
Antenna Shape
RapidNFC's ScanStrength scale indicates from 1 to 10 the relative scanning distance performance of each NFC tag. RapidNFC NFC ScanStrength Info >
Unit Weight
0.3 g
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