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A high quality single use wristband with fabric strap. NTAG203 chip. Available in three preprinted RapidNFC designs (VIP, Pass & NFC icon graphic) with and without unique ID print on back. Full colour custom printing options also available.
Encoding :
Leave Blank means that you can encode the tags yourself with whatever data that you choose.  More info > RapidNFC will encode your tags for you with the web address you provide below.  More info > RapidNFC will encode your tags for you with the text you provide below.  More info > RapidNFC will encode each tag uniquely with the data you provide on a spreadsheet either now or later.  More info >
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For example,
Locking :
Locking means that nobody can ever change the tag data
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Fabric Wristband ID Number NFC Icon Detail
VIP Wristband Detail Pass Fabric Wristband Detail
Compatible With
These tags can be encoded and read by Windows 8 NFC phones.
These tags can be encoded and read by Android NFC phones.
These tags can be encoded and read by BlackBerry NFC phones.
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Product Information
A really nice one time use NFC wristband with a fabric strap and plastic top tag. NTAG203 chip. Strap is 15mm wide. Top plastic plate is 35mm x 26mm x 1mm.

Available from stock in three pre-printed graphics - VIP, Pass and NFC Icon. For the VIP and Pass options, the back of the top plastic plate contains a unique pre-engraved ID number for immediate use. The NFC Icon is available with and without the engraved ID.

This wristband is also available in full colour custom print options.

Single use refers to the way the wristband is attached. The NFC tag can be written (until locked) and read many thousands of times.

Note : The strap toggle is designed so that once closed, the band needs to be cut to be removed. Careful !

Also note that we now supply the NFC Icon wristband (the blue one) with a protective plastic film on the front.
Technical Data
NFC Chip
NFC Tags contain NFC chips which have different memory capacities, properties and functions.
Which NFC Chip ? >
User Memory
144 bytes
This is the usable memory capacity of the NFC tag.
How much NFC memory do you need ? >
RapidNFC's ScanStrength scale indicates from 1 to 10 the relative scanning distance performance of each NFC tag. RapidNFC NFC ScanStrength Info >
Unit Weight
3.0 g
RapidNFC Part No.
VIP: N0346
Pass: N0348
NFC Icon: N0347
NFC Icon (No ID): N0512
461 units
186 units
NFC Icon
14 units
NFC Icon (No ID)
3,833 units
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