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11 January 2012
ScanStrength NFC Tag Performance Index Launched
RapidNFC has launched ScanStrength, an independent NFC tag scan performance index. ScanStrength is designed to help RapidNFC customers make more informed decisions about the range of available NFC tags and products.

ScanStrength grades NFC tags and products from 1 to 10 based on their relative scanning distance performance. The NFC tag being evaluated is placed into a specially designed low relative permittivity testing rig. RapidNFC then test the scanning distance using three of the most popular NFC enabled mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung and BlackBerry. To ensure accurate and reliable results, the tests are performed a set number of times with differing phone orientations and using multiple copies of the same NFC tags or product. Results are then collated and a ScanStrength relative performance index from 1 to 10 is applied.

The difference in NFC tag performance was both significant and surprising. Additionally, none of the phones consistently provided better results than the others. There was, however, a clear winner with the new NXP NTAG203 chip, which performed better than any other in almost every test.

All ScanStrength grades are available on the RapidNFC store and will be updated regularly as new products arrive.