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NFC Tag Logos And Icons
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If you are using your NFC tags in a public space, the first thing you are going to need is some icon or logo to help customers/users understand where to put the phone. You need an NFC Logo and that's where it starts to get tricky.

Right now, simply, there isn't a commonly used NFC logo in the same way as there is for WiFi or Bluetooth.

Wifi Bluetooth logos

However, a industry wide logo does exist. It's called the N-Mark and it was created by the NFC Forum. The NFC Forum is a oversight body which provides, amongst many other things, technical specifications for the way data should be encoded on tags and so on. RapidNFC is a member of the NFC Forum. The difficulty with the N-Mark is that few people seem to like it or want to use it.

N Mark Logo

To use the N-Mark graphic, you need to read and agree to the terms of use as displayed on the NFC Forum's website. Part of those terms is that, understandably, the logo will only be used with tags encoded to NFC Forum guidelines. As a note, if you ask us to encode your tags, we will always adhere to those technical specifications.

RapidNFC NFC Logo

RapidNFC started selling N-Mark stickers very early on and the feedback for this design wasn't particularly enthusiastic. So we created our own RapidNFC NFC Logo, which is now an internationally registered trademark of RapidNFC. You may have seen this logo in other locations such as posters or products and perhaps on other stores where RapidNFC products are sold.

RapidNFC NFC Logo

RapidNFC allow the use of this logo by our customers only with written permission. Note that RapidNFC are also aware of a number of products on the market that carry this logo which are not approved or licenced by RapidNFC. We strongly recommend that you purchase only authentic RapidNFC NFC products.

Other logos and icons

The lack of a unifying logo has meant that, like us, many companies have created their own NFC images. Most of these are strictly restricted to use by the companies themselves and we would not recommend using them without clear authorisation.

Creating your own

Your other option is to create your own NFC image. There's no reason why you shouldn't at the moment. Most of our customer feedback tells us that the logo should include the letters NFC.